Join streamfog!

Who we are

We are two founders from Munich, Germany and Montpellier, France. We worked for 6 months on a proof of concept providing Augmented Reality for streamers.
Now we decided to take it a step further with the startup and work full time on streamfog to create something truly special. We plan to release our open beta in summer 2023.

This of course cannot be done alone. Are you passionate about gaming, augmented reality and 3D art? Want to join a startup at a verly stage where you can shape our trajectory with high responsibility and growth potential? Be our match!

Full Stack Developer
Cofounder / Intern

No software - no party. We are looking for someone that wants to shape our desktop client. Work with interesting concepts like Augmented Reality, Twitch events and Artificial Intelligence in a closed loop with our alpha testers. Ideal qualifications:
Typescript, Electron, WebGL

Machine Learning Engineer
Intern / Thesis

No to greenscreens! Streamfog makes AR interact with your room geometry and not a greenscreen, hence we need custom background segmentation based on AI. Ideal qualifications:
Python, Tensorflow, Tflite

3D Artist
Independent Artist / Internship

To create 3D overlays, creativity and multi-skills are required. You will be able to create customers overlays from A to Z. We are using, Blender, Substance 3D Painter and Photoshop mostly.

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