A new Dimension of Streaming

Upgrade your stream with 3D alerts

What is streamfog
A software that gives you the ability to have 3D overlays
Using Streamfog is easy

After starting the streamfog Desktop Application, you can add the Streamfog Virtual Webcam to your scenes. That's it.

AI-powered greenscreen

Streamfog uses AI to analyze your webcam image so it can place 3D overlays without needing a greenscreen. Fast and simple.

Custom 3D Art

We create custom 3D art, tailored specifically to your room and your needs. Your alerts will integrate seemlessly into your room.

About streamfog
The new dimension of streaming

We are convinced that streaming is and will be a fundamental part of entertainment. But just as Movies, TV Shows and the Sports program progressed with new effects and technology, streaming should too.

Follows, Subs and Donations enable viewers to show appreciation towards their favourite streamers. In the same way, the respective alerts on stream recognize that, making the appreciation mutual.

More power to the people.

Now imagine if we take those alerts to the next level. Your signature animal walking through your room, when someone subs. Your logo breaking out of the wall after a new follow. And your favourite game character announcing 5 gifted subs. Your stream. Vivid. Connected. Immersive.

This is what streamfog is about.

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